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ISA Automation Week 2013: Call for Papers

The ISA Automation Week 2013: Call for Papers is now closed. If you are still interested in submitting an abstract please contact Chesley Grove ( or +1 919-990-9267) to find out what opportunities are still available.

Developing automation solutions that meet core safety, people, business, and technology requirements

The International Society of Automation (ISA) encourages automation and control professionals to share their knowledge and technical expertise by becoming a part of the ISA Automation Week 2013 technical program.

ISA Automation Week 2013 will explore six educational tracks in relation to meeting the requirements of four essential operating factors: safety, people, business, and technology.

After all, for automation to deliver optimal value and results, it must be aligned with each organization’s core safety requirements, workforce capabilities, business objectives and technology infrastructure.

Please review the four operating factors and the six educational tracks below.

Note: Before submitting an abstract, access the ISA Automation Week 2013 Author’s Kit (for forms and documents, deadlines, author/speaker responsibilities, what to submit, presentation formats, and more). The deadline for submission is 2 April 2013.

Submit your abstract here.

Four Operating Factors


It’s vital to take a holistic look at safety from all aspects, including people, process, and technology.


Without the proper resources (both internal and external), training and leadership, automation and, subsequently, manufacturing will surely fail.


What are the critical business issues facing the manufacturing industry? How do fundamental business issues, such as funding, ROI, risk, value creation, and supply/demand rationalization in the supply chain affect and interrelate with safety, the environment, and quality?  Automation professionals need to connect their actions to business impact and value, and assess technology within the greater framework of their overall business needs and objectives.

Other questions that must be answered include:


What are the essential tools and techniques required in order to properly facilitate and maintain automation?  What exact technologies are needed in order to make automation happen, and support standards, connectivity, and integration?

As a general rule, solutions should incorporate theory as well as applications at a 20/80 ratio.


NOTE: In regard to papers and presentations, the four factors above are not necessarily mutually exclusive. For instance, more than one factor could be covered in a session (a paper or presentation on each within a session), or in a series of sessions. In addition, each factor could be treated separately (an entire session on any one of them). Standards may be included as they apply to the tracks or sessions associated with them. 

Six Educational Tracks

Track 1:  Industrial Network Security

This track will cover the security of operations and networks, specifically cybersecurity issues as they relate to industrial networks.  The technologies, the business relevance, and the impact of network security issues and solutions, as well as the human aspects, will be discussed.

Subjects include but are not limited to:

Track 2:  Creating Business Value through Automation

This track will examine the business side of automation, including risk/value factors and workforce development challenges.

Subjects include but are not limited to:

Track 3:  The Connected Enterprise

This track explores enterprise integration, manufacturing execution systems, and the issues involving IT within an enterprise.

Subjects include but are not limited to:

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