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Wireless Applications

Using wireless technology in industrial applications creates many concerns including network security, reliability, management, speed, standards, technology choices, and more. This track will focus on applications for wireless technology in varying industrial applications and address these concerns in some detail.

  • SCADA Wireless Solutions & Technologies

    Wireless Applications
    Technician Management Executive Engineer Academia/R&D/Scientist
  • Cyber-Security Panel Session

    Wireless Applications

    Moderator Brigadier General Rudolf Peksens, US Air Force (Retired), says: "I am pleased to be hosting a distinguished panel of cybersecurity experts who are working in a hands-on capacity to help secure our critical infrastructure from cyber attack. We'll discuss President Obama's executive order for the cybersecurity protection of industrial automation and control systems and the engagement that ISA and the Automation Federation have with the White House staff and NIST personnel in developing the framework to implement this order. Join us for a lively discussion on these vital issues from panelists who aren't regularly available to those of us working in automation and controls but whose influence will be felt by us all."

    Invited Panel Members:
    Samara Moore, National Security Council, Director for Critical Infrastructure;
    Eric Cosman, Dow Chemical
    Dr. Timothy Rudolph, USAF;
    James K. Wholey, DillworthPaxson LLP

    Sneak Peek:
    1. Get a look inside the cybersecurity issue from the viewpoint of automation end-user, and see how those concerns differ from and are impacted by others working in this field -- such as attorneys and government officials
    2. Gather Insights as to how the President's executive order in support of cybersecurity for critical infrastructure will impact industrial automation and control systems globally
    3. Hear what's coming -- ready or not.
  • Management of Wireless Infrastructure

    Wireless Applications

  • Your Future and Your Wireless Choices: HART and ISA100

    Wireless Applications
    Technician Management Executive
  • Wireless Experts Panel

    Wireless Applications
    Technician Management Engineer
    Each panelist is a well-respected and acknowledged expert in the field of the use and implementation of wireless in industrial automation. Each presenter will be given 5 to 7 minutes for a short presentation leaving at least half of the session for audience question and answer period. A demonstration of industrial wireless will also be included. Panelists: o Penny Chen, Yokogawa o Eric Rotvold, Emerson o Steven Toteda, Cooper Industries o Hesh Kagan, Invensys o Ed Ladd, Mitsubishi Electric
  • Reliability, Management, and Connectivity of Wireless Systems

    Wireless Applications
    Technician Engineer
  • Secure Wireless Control & Risks

    Wireless Applications
    Technician Management Engineer Academia/R&D/Scientist
  • Critical Peripheral Technologies for Wireless

    Wireless Applications
  • Various Wireless Applications & Lessons Learned

    Wireless Applications
    Management Executive Engineer Academia/R&D/Scientist


Track Chair: David Smith
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