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Calum Pearson, Cirque du Soleil:

The Evolution of Entertainment Engineering and Automation, the War Between Abstract and the Laws of Physics

Technology Solutions Theater A, Showcase Floor
Wednesday, 26 September, 5:00 p.m.–5:45 p.m.

Calum Pearson, Vice President of Technical and Show Support for the Resident Show Division of Cirque du Soleil

Explore the science and technology behind the magic and drama of Cirque du Soleil! You will be immersed in the world of Cirque du Soleil with an entertaining, behind-the-scenes discussion on the fun and philosophy surrounding what it takes to create the dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment that make up their shows. Discover first-hand that it takes more than just entertainers on stage to build an eye-opening show—it takes automation professionals. With over 17 years of operations and management experience in the entertainment industry, Calum brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership skills to Cirque du Soleil.

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