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375 440 10816 Macleod Tr SE
Calgary AB CANADA T2J 5N8
Phone: (888) 800-2506
Technical Track(s): Human Asset Optimization
Booth #: 123

Is your project team bogged down delivering documentation? Cover pages, transmittals, csv files, record books, document indexes, transaction history, approval status, file naming formats, etc…

With the rise of formal document systems in the end user and EPC communities, instrumentation suppliers face increasingly complex document submission requirements. While heavily clerical, most of the work must be handled by skilled project personnel. Transitioning projects mid-stream is notoriously painful.

TransactVDR can help. Click to create cover pages, transmittals, indexes and record books. Log document history, status, comments and more. Free your project team from clerical work and transition at will. Visit or on Twitter @transactVDR.

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