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How to submit an abstract for consideration

Offer your abstract submittal in one of the following categories:

Paper Session – 20-minute presentation – 10 minute Q&A
The most prestigious presentation is a paper session on subjects of current topical interest. Paper presentations comprise the largest part of the conference program. Two or three papers are presented in each session and address key elements of the same topic. Each paper is delivered in approximately twenty minutes with ten additional minutes devoted to discussions and questions from the audience. All published papers are reviewed for originality, clarity, completeness and lack of commercialism (commercialism is not tolerated and is cause for disqualification). Papers which have gone through the review process and are presented at the conference will appear in the online proceedings and qualify for Professional Development Hour (PDH) credit. Following the selection of abstracts, authors will be notified and asked to provide the following:

Panel Session – 90 minutes
Three to five experts discuss significant industry and technology topics. Panel members and session attendees participate in the discussion. Panels are most effective when they begin with brief opening remarks/presentations.

Tutorial Session – 90 minutes
An industry expert leads a focused discussion followed by audience participation. Tutorials focus on technology and often include hands-on activities or demonstrations.

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