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In today's interconnected business environment and global economy, the time for piecemeal, fragmented approaches to career, process, and organizational improvement is over.

By attending the ISA Automation Week 2013 Technology and Solutions Event, you'll get the big picture. You'll see why no automation function, process or job role can be defined solely on its own merits. For automation to deliver optimal value and results, it must be aligned with and incorporate the requirements of four fundamental operating factors: safety, people, business, and technology.

Industrial safety emerges as an over-riding theme throughout the six education tracks. Conference speakers will introduce new concepts and review existing safety measures to help avoid catastrophic events and safety-related incidents. Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) and functional safety technologies will be covered, and valuable field experience shared by your peers in the process industries. You'll get take-home knowledge, based on both theory and case studies, to use right away to help ensure that your workplace and co-workers are as safe as possible.

The people working in automation and controls are a diverse group, and generational as well as cultural changes are affecting plant operations. Investments in automation produce the highest results when the automation professionals working in the plant are trained, motivated, and properly equipped to do their jobs. No matter what your position is in the company, you will likely be dealing with people, so understanding the issues of workforce development, knowing what is important to differing groups, and using mentoring to bridge any knowledge gap will be paramount to the effectiveness and financial success of your plant. Talk with mentors and specialists in workforce development, and come away more prepared for a harmonious, efficient, and sustainable enterprise.

Much of the available industrial education venues focus on technology training and hands-on equipment learning, both of which are certainly necessary in operating a successful plant or facility. In modern industrial workplaces, though, automation professionals are realizing that there are financial implications and business process effects resulting from selection of a particular technology or solution. Employing and enhancing automation technology has great potential to add substantial value to the enterprise, but measuring and acknowledging this value is often a challenge. Finding and understanding the business value of process control investment is critical in deciding future upgrades, planning new facilities, and getting the most out of the automation systems currently in place. Sessions will cover these subjects from many job function viewpoints to help maximize the ROI gained from automation systems.

There is virtually no enterprise, there are no employees, nor any business concerns without the technology and know-how to design, start-up, test, operate, and maintain an industrial facility. Process control technologies and advancements in plant operations will be covered in depth in sessions led by acknowledged experts in the automation field. Reading about subjects like process parameters, model based control, PLCs, or DCS migration is very helpful, but conference sessions allow you to learn first-hand from those who wrote the books. Let them help you avoid pitfalls, and learn the latest techniques in your profession. And don't miss an opportunity to take your most challenging questions to your experts who are there to help. You'll leave the conference with a more solid foundation upon which build your career and specialized knowledge that will help you contribute to your company's long-term success.

The six tracks include:

Asset Lifecycle Management and Optimization/Strategy

This track will cover the application of asset maintenance and asset operations strategies and technologies to maximize business value. Investments in automation are a valuable asset and must be managed accordingly.

The Connected Enterprise

This track will explore enterprise integration, manufacturing execution systems, and the issues involving IT within an enterprise.

Creating Business Value through Automation

This track will examine the business side of automation, including risk/value factors and workforce development challenges.

Industrial Automation & Control

This track will cover the application of control theory to process control systems, quality control, and utility optimization to increase efficiency and operational performance.

Industrial Network Security

This track will cover the security of operations and networks, specifically cybersecurity issues as they relate to industrial networks. The technologies, the business relevance, and the impact of network security issues and solutions, as well as the human aspects, will be discussed.

Wireless Applications

This track will focus on applications for wireless technology in varying industrial applications.

So get ready to broaden your perspective, and gain the comprehensive insights and know-how to move all segments of your organization in an integrated manner, and toward positive and more predictable long-term results.


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