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Find out the latest in technology solutions at one of the two Technology Solutions Theaters, located on the supplier showcase floor. Each theater will feature presentations and solutions by suppliers, authors, and experts on a variety of topics.

Tuesday, 25 September
Time Theater 1 Theater 2
11:20 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.   Oil and Gas Interoperability (OGI) Pilot Live Demonstration
OGI Pilot Leadership Team, OGI Pilot Participating Companies
The Oil & Gas Interoperability demonstration is a true industry pilot set to run over a sustained time period. Data sets are being managed in the same manner as they are in capital projects managed by EPCs. Demonstrations of the actual pilot will simply be setup in alignment with industry events such as ISA Automation Week. Join us to see this interactive demonstration of interoperability with technology shared between the theater setting and the OGI showcase Booth 982.
1:00 p.m.- 1:40 p.m. Managing Innovation: A Focus on Jobs and Desired Outcomes as a Basis for Innovation
Hesh Kagan, Invensys
When organizations look to improve their products and services they typically rely on their marketing departments to engage in some type of voice of the customer process.  While any dialog with end users is valuable, a casual dialog generally ends up with existing customers offerings solutions, requesting features or expressing needs.  These inputs are imprecise and often lead to the development of products and services that miss their mark.  This presentation will describe a process that resulted in gathering concise, actionable and measurable data that was able to be used to better focus our efforts at identifying areas to address our innovative energies.  The process begins with an identification of the job that the end user needs to do, breaks that job into concise steps, and through a structured interview process identifies the desired outcomes for each of those job steps.  Additional analyses through interviews and surveys identify the most important unmet outcomes – which become the greatest areas of opportunity for innovation.  The presentation will additionally explore some of the more subtle human factors that help and hinder our ability to innovate.
“Approved for Combustion Service” – Programmable Controllers in SIL2 Boiler Applications
Ted Hoffman, aeSolutions
A case study on the technical requirements and work processes needed to get a programmable safety controller “Approved for Combustion Service” in SIL2 boiler applications. The Burner Management System (BMS) requirements of FM 7605 and NFPA 85 will be presented along with the technical and work process challenges of taking off-the-shelf components through the FM Approvals listing process. These components create an assembled subpanel with Logic Solver, Master-Fuel-Trip hardware and software. The resulting system allows for flexible configurations with single or multiple burners, multiple fuels, simplex or redundant controllers, digital or analog-plus-digital I/O in industrial, petrochemical and Oil & Gas applications.
1:45 p.m- 2:25 p.m. How to Visualize & Analyze Market Data for Business Planning
John Kuenzler, ARC Advisory Group
A senior ARC Market & Technology Consultant will provide an introduction to a new browser-based software tool which provides easy access to readily available industrial automation market data & business intelligence for fact-based decision-making by manufacturers and suppliers.  Now you can substantiate your business case to management with objective information, not conjecture.
Wireless Technologies and SCADA Real Time Control and Monitoring Systems
Maria Lemone, ICP DAS USA, Inc.
We would like to introduce different wireless technologies including zigbee, RF, infrared, and cellular technologies.  We will also introduce data acquisition technology and how it can be done wirelessly.  We will also introduce SCADA Real Time Information software for control and monitoring applications and will show how information servers can be set up and configured for remote access with wireless technology for remote control and monitoring.  We will also show how protocol converters can be used to integrate products that communicate over different protocols which can enable wireless communication.  We will also provide a demonstration and answer any questions.
2:30 p.m.- 3:10 p.m. Network Management System for Wireless and Fixed Networks is the Expansion Platform of the Future
Rizwan Amanullah, Cooper Bussmann Wireless Unit
The new Cooper Bussmann Network Management System is a powerful, flexible and highly scalable wireless and fixed network management solution for thousands of network nodes that enables administrators to cost effectively plan, deploy, monitor, control, troubleshoot and report on fixed and wireless networks from a centralized location, simplifying operations and reducing operational costs. The Network Management System is the expansion platform for the future:
  • Supports various hardware configurations
  • Provides a single consolidated view of the network with graphical representation
  • Reduces installation time and improves security
  • Simplifies configuration through template-based configuration
  • Detects minor issues ahead of serious network degradation with network monitoring
  • Generates real-time faults and alarms
  • Provides automated intrusion detection, alarming and reporting
Using Bidirectional SMS for SCADA/DCS Alarm Notification & Remote Control
Michal Meirovitz, Control See
U.C.ME-OPC™ is alarm notification & remote control software. It connects with any SCADA/DCS or OPC server. U.C.ME-OPC™ uses cellular modems (GSM or CDMA) and bidirectional SMS to allow interaction between field engineers and their system. Field engineers can use their cell phones to:
  • Acknowledge alarms
  • Query or modify field values
  • Run programs
  • Generate reports
  • Suspend/Resume alarm notification
  • Restart their server
  • And more
3:15 p.m.- 3:55 p.m. Upgrading DCS With No BS
Matt Sigmon, Maverick Technologies
Learn about the most common issues encountered by engineers during migration projects and how to overcome these issues using real-world examples. We will cover industry challenges, contrasting approaches to migration, selecting the right service provider, financial justification and ongoing sustainment of DCS systems. If you are a project engineer, project manager, operations manager, process control superintendent or anyone involved in the maintenance and migration of DCS, you will benefit from this presentation.
The Four Control Loops You Should Not Tune
Chris McAnarney, ExperTune Inc.
4:00 p.m.- 4:40 p.m. Best Practices in Automation Project Execution: Deliverable by Phases
Bridget Fitzpatrick, Wood Group Mustang
Automation projects have generally always had the challenge of execution at an engineering center remote from the client site.  Increasingly with large projects and cost pressure, projects are more commonly executed by multiple engineering firms or by one firm at multiple locations simultaneously.  To manage this organizational complexity, best practices have emerged to structure and efficiently manage this challenge.  This talk will discuss key automation project deliverables by project phases (FEL1, 2, 3).
How Integrated Calibration Solutions Save Time and Money
Ned Espy, Beamex
The methods and practices of calibration have evolved as technology has improved over the past 30 years. However, many still use manual, time consuming and costly calibration practices. Find out how calibration can be made an easy process through an integrated calibration solution.
5:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m. Innovate, Imagine, Invent : A “Fireside Chat” Session with Dick Morley
Dick Morley, R Morley Inc.
The “Father of the PLC”, Dick Morley, will host an interactive discussion, offering attendees a rare opportunity to sit and talk with one of the best-known legends of automation. Dick is a leading visionary in the field of advanced technology development and an inventor who holds more than 20 technology patents. A renowned entrepreneur, author, speaker, consultant, and engineer, Dick Morley is famous for his daunting intelligence and his talent for looking at technology, operations, and systems—even life itself—from a decidedly unique viewpoint. Dick is sure to challenge the audience to consider their problems and opportunities in new, refreshing, and often stunning ways—a talent which has created a high demand for his valuable insights and put him at the forefront of technological innovation.
Wednesday, 26 September
Time Theater 1 Theater 2
11:20 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. New Cellular Technology Delivers a Wide-Area Ethernet/Serial Connectivity Solution
Rizwan Amanullah, Cooper Bussmann Wireless Unit
New Cellular Technology from Cooper Bussmann delivers a powerful, multi-service provider Cellular Broadband Router that provides wireless data connectivity for up to two LAN connections and one serial port through public cellular networks at 3G network speeds. Delivers wide-area, serial connectivity that is pre-configured for easy installation and little to no infrastructure cost.
New Cellular Technology Delivers a Wide-Area Serial Connectivity Solution:
• 5 Band Multicarrier Cellular Modem with Speeds up to 14.4Mbps
• Receive Antenna Diversity to Capture Weak Signals in Challenging Environments
• Integrated VPN Capability to Establish Monitoring and Control Communications from Remote Sites
• IPsec and GRE Tunneling Ensure Secure Transmissions with Industrially Hardened Security
• Built-in DHCP Server and Port Forwarding to Simplify Networking
• Dual 10/100baseT IEEE 802.3 Ethernet and RS-232 Serial Port for Added Flexibility
• Over-The-Air Network Diagnostics and Configuration to Optimize Operational Performance
Oil and Gas Interoperability (OGI) Pilot Live Demonstration
OGI Pilot Leadership Team, OGI Pilot Participating Companies
The Oil & Gas Interoperability demonstration is a true industry pilot set to run over a sustained time period. Data sets are being managed in the same manner as they are in capital projects managed by EPCs. Demonstrations of the actual pilot will simply be setup in alignment with industry events such as ISA Automation Week. Join us to see this interactive demonstration of interoperability with technology shared between the theater setting and the OGI showcase Booth 982.
1:00 p.m. -1:40 p.m. New Ideas in Differential Pressure Flow Measurement
Philip Lawrence, Dynamic Flow Computers
Flow Measurement Technology is advancing at an ever increasing rate, new engineering methodology in the art of flow measurement are forcing a change for the better. Newer technologies often bring advance to the operational processes within many industries, which can improve facility management and production. This paper details the design and operation of a new genre of differential pressure cone meter and field computer used as an effective package. A technical explanation and overview of the technology will be discussed in the paper together with a view of some new idea in the technology genre.
SME: Solutions for the Manufacturing Workforce
Dolores Gauthier, Society of Manufacturing Engineers
1:45 p.m.- 2:25 p.m. iPad and, a Unified SCADA Environment
Marcos Taccolini & Dave Hellyer, Tatsoft LLC
There have been many good discussions on the applicability of cloud-based solutions for manufacturing and process control systems. On one hand, some people have concerns regarding security and control of the information, on the other, there are identified benefits enabled by cloud systems.
From VMS minicomputers to DOS and Windows; from ArcNet to Ethernet; it is inevitable the industrial automation systems shall adopt the technologies that are becoming predominant in IT general use; the current environment that we call the “Cloud-iPad era” is no different; therefore the practical discussion is not if those new technologies will be applied in the industrial environment, but how, and what tools will be used to accomplish this.
Next Generation SCADA Software: Framework for a Future of Success
Jean-Marc Willems, Progea International Ltd
With the continuous advancements performed in the hardware and software industries, coupled with the markets push to access Real-Time information from anywhere and on any device brings about the need for tools to connect and access these systems.
Progea, a SCADA/HMI software developer for over 20 years would like to share some insight into these technologies and what they can offer you.
Through a new platform architecture composed of a Main Framework and a modular, highly customizable suite of plug-ins. With optimized, quick, and secure data transfer of Real-Time, event, or historic information taking place at any level thanks to the adoption of the OPC UA Information Model. Captivating and powerful 2D/3D animated graphic libraries through native support of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and the XAML technologies. Applications are scalable on hardware from Windows™CE through Windows™8, running locally or in the Cloud, accessible on any device (smartphones, iPads, multi-touch…). Silverlight guarantees a deployment of the graphical interface with full support of WPF and XAML over the Web or an alternative version can be deployed on any platform thanks to the support of HMTL5 technologies. Multi-touch and Kinect bring great added value for an intuitive and easy interaction with these applications.
2:30 p.m.- 3:10 p.m. How to Deploy and Manage a Secure Wireless Surveillance System
Bruce Manthey, Apprion, Inc.
Remote Video Monitoring for Improved Security and Regulatory Compliance at an industrial processing facility. Learn about comprehensive wireless video monitoring systems for sensitive area surveillance at industrial facilities. In this presentation you will learn how to:
  • Select and implement rugged, reliable, cost-effective cameras from best-in-class manufacturers
  • Deliver core video functionality including infrared imaging, motion sensor, camera tamper, search and video enhancer
  • Architect a secure, reliable 3rd network to enable remote monitoring and services support
  • Design and implement wireless application infrastructure as a foundation for future wireless applications.
Can you CAD do this? Electrical Design Automation
Christine Knapik & Sean Mulherrin, EPLAN Software Services
Seamlessly go from PLC to schematic design to virtually prototyping in 3D. EPLAN Electric P8 is a data-base driven product that can be used to automate engineering processes by importing components from our Data Portal, automatically generating schematics, export documentation and more. In addition, EPLAN Pro Panel takes the panel layout design data and exports the information to NC routing and automatic wire processing. Through 3D virtual prototyping you can layout your design panel, align and position components exactly, follow spacing requirements and automatically calculate wire lengths. With EPLAN Engineering Center Once you automate your engineering process by configuring a system then having EPLAN automatically generating schematics by utilizing previously used data and designs.
3:15 p.m.- 3:55 p.m. Applied Renewable Energy
Kevin Thompson, Perpetua
Deploying renewable energy for wireless networks historically has involved complexities that have limited installations of these lower maintenance systems. Facility Managers desire quick to install wireless monitoring solutions that provide high data and deliver critical information to support preventive maintenance programs and improved process efficiencies.
Introduction to the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) Organization
Allan Martel & Steve Ray, Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
This presentation will provide an overview and history of the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) organization. It is an industry-led, government-funded organization with current member regions of USA, EU, Korea, Switzerland and Mexico, dedicated to collaborative research and development addressing key manufacturing challenges. In the presentation, we will also describe the current portfolio of research projects being launched, with an invitation to audience members from participating nations to join the collaborations, and for other nations to consider joining IMS.
4:00 p.m.- 4:40 p.m. Case Study: Adapting for ISA100 Wireless
Jay Werb, ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute
The ISA100 wireless architecture provides a flexible framework that is designed to accommodate multiple legacy applications. This tutorial session will describe ISA100’s object-oriented application model, and then show how it has been adapted to integrate seamlessly with HART devices.
Hands-on Technical Labs-at a Distance
Mitchell Sepaugh, Cleveland Community College
In the community of technical education, distance learning is met with skepticism as to how to have students perform hands-on lab activities and experiments when they have neither the resources nor supervision that on-campus labs provide. However, technology can be a wonderful way to level the playing field so that both local and distance students can have very similar experiences and still meet curriculum requirements. The need then is to fully embrace the technology, integrate it into the curriculum planning and development and use it to its full potential.
5:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m. The Evolution of Entertainment Engineering and Automation, the War Between Abstract and the laws of Physics
Calum Pearson Cirque du Soleil
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