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Charles Cutler

Charles Cutler holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from Lamar University and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Houston. He worked for Shell Oil Company for 23 years in a variety of assignments in refineries, chemical plants, research, and central engineering. In 1984, Charles started his own company and was the CEO and president for 12 years until it was sold to Aspen Technology in 1996.

Charles and his associates developed two software packages, one for constrained multivariable control and the other for real time optimization. These two software packages proved very successful and at that time became the standard for the process industries.

Charles currently spends most of his time with his new company where he is active in several technical areas. Development work has resulted in patents for methods of increasing the flexibility of identification software for process dynamics and for adaptive multivariable control. The increased flexibility from these patents permits the same dynamic models to be used for operator training simulators and adaptive multivariable controllers.

Charles was in the lead role for the engineering development of his new controller, MAX APC.  Further, he was the primary implementer of the MAX APC controller on the Borger Catalytic Cracking Unit.  Earlier in his career he applied MPC to over 20 fluid catalytic crackers.

Charles has been recognized for his contributions to engineering with the AICHE CAST division’s Best Practice’s Award, by the American Control Conference’s Engineering Practice Award, and by Control magazine’s selection as Engineer of the Year for 1998. In 2000, he was elected to the National Academy of Engineering and in 2003 was placed in Control magazine’s Control Hall of Fame. He is an adjunct professor in the Chemical Engineering Department at Texas Technology, a member of the Industrial Advisory Board for the Chemical Engineering Department of the University of Houston and a member of the Engineering Advisory Board for Lamar University.

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