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Terry L. Tolliver

Terry is a retired Senior Fellow from Solutia/Monsanto and presently provides contract engineering at ConocoPhillips Wood River refinery.  He has 40+ years of experience in process control, simulation, operations, troubleshooting and optimization.  Terry has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly University of Missouri – Rolla).  He was recently inducted into their Academy of Chemical Engineers in 2009. 

Terry has received several ISA awards including the Distinguished Society Service Award in 1997, the E. G. Bailey Award in 1993 and the Excellence in Documentation award in 1987.  He was inducted into the Control Automation Hall of Fame in 2002.

Terry has been an adjunct professor for Washington University, teaching there from 2004–2008, a Lehigh University Biannual Lecturer from 1974–1986, an ISA Fellow in 1990, an AIChE Fellow in 2000 and a PE since 1974.  He has served as a Vice President of ISA Industries & Sciences Department, Chair of ISA Admissions Committee, Director of Fisher/Rosemount Systems User Group, Director of CHEMPID Division of ISA, and Director of the St. Louis Section of AIChE.  He has also served on the InTech Editorial Advisory Board and has written numerous publications and presentations.

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